Replicas To You - Rip-off and poor customer service

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So I am another victim of watches/ terrible customer service and very bad quality products.

I purchased the Bell & Ross on the 5th September 2012, advertised at a cost of £281 (Malaysian Ringgit was 1687). The exchange rate on the 5th September 2012 was 1 MYR = 0.2017, and therefore the actual cost of the watch is roughly £340, and that is how much they charged me. So please be aware that the cost advertised is not the actual cost. Work out the cost by getting the exchange rate and using the Ringgit amount. Also be aware that they charge a hefty shipping charge.

Once I purchased the watch I never received any correspondence and after emailing them many times to confirm my order, they replied on the 13th September 2012 to say my order was pending. On the 1st October 2012, I emailed them again and received a response the following day saying that they are sorry for the late shipment. On the 23rd October, they informed me that they didn’t have any stock. On the 28th October 2012, Almost two months after my initial order, I was informed that the watch was being shipped to me.

When I received the watch, the 10 November 2012, it was in great condition and “looked” like it was of a very good quality. On the 13 January 2013, after wearing it for 2 months, the watch slowly deteriorated. The paint started coming off and the watch was not winding itself up properly and would frequently stop working. I read all the instructions on their website to see if it was something that I was doing wrong. The watch would only work for 45 min at a time. I emailed replica2u a number of times for a week and eventually received a reply from replica2u. I was told to ship it back to them.

I sent the watch to replica2u on the 27th February 2013. I received confirmation from the tracking company that the parcel had arrived on the 6th March 2013. Sixteen days later they had confirmed that they had received it, again after many emails requesting confirmation.

It is now June, three months later, and after many emails and no replies they have responded to say that the watch is still with the watch maker. I am unsure I will ever get the watch back and I have now been informed that they refuse to give me a refund. The ‘customer services’ have poor communication skills, rarely reply to emails and show no concern for poor reviews or services. The quality of the watches are shocking especially considering the amount you end up paying for them. I would like to make others aware of the money, time and energy I have wasted with this company and I would like to warn anyone who is considering doing business with them.

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Replicas To You - Rep2U Watches - Big Mistake

Hartford, Connecticut 1 comment

Now that I'm here I see that other people have had this problem - shoulda come here first.I ordered a watch from these guys and it would run for 20 minutes or so, then stop.

I would shake it for minutes at a time (to wind it) and it would run for another 15 nminutes, then stop.

When I wrote to sales about it, they were very friendly about offering a return, so I sent it out to their address, and suddenly all the nice communication stopped. No watch, no money, no emails.

More than 60 days now.

You know, there's a lot of watch companies out there, if you want to buy a watch, I wouldn't go here.

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you are complaining with no proof at all. it seem that you are one of our competitor. all email will be attended unless you set our email to spam folder or your email server block our ip address.

no order number, no point to scream


it seem that the complaint is FRAUD COMPLAINT. this CONRAD26 failed to give the order number. he and PISSEDCONSUMER.COM already gave bad reputation to

this website, PISSEDCONSUMER.COM is taking advantage to sell their service. this website PISSEDCONSUMER.COM is scamming businesses without proof

Replicas To You - Replica2U Steals $511, No Watch!

Hartford, Connecticut 8 comments
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I'd like to relate my experience with an online Replica watch company known as Replica2U, located at, and also known under the name of Luxury Replica. Their website is well laid out, and their pricing seemed reasonable compared to other watch sites, so I placed an order with them on July 15, 2010 for a watch that was listed at $422.00.

As I checked out, I was informed that there would be a $35 shipping charge. This was annoying, as I personally have shipped watches to China for $13. So already, I was being gouged on the shipping for more profit. The completed order was then sent to a "transfer site", where the $457 was changed into a foreign currency that I was not familiar with. When I checked my bank account the next day, I found that $511 USD had been transferred from my credit card – a far cry from the original $422!

It took 12 days for the watch to arrive, and when it did, I was sorely disappointed. The watch looked 20 years old, the "gold" was like tarnished brass, the bracelet was stiff, and when I shook the watch to wind it, it would run for 5-10 minutes and then stop. The watch was old, cheap, and completely non-functional.

I immediately wrote to Rep2U, asking for a full refund. They responded three days later:

"Please put it back into 2 plastics as what we send and use bubble wrap to wrap the item and put in bubble envelope to sent back to us. No need to sent with the wooden box (if any).

Please state repair item on the consignment note. Do not state watch brand name to avoid from custom block. If using Registered Post, please add an insurance on it.

Sent to:

Rosdi Ahmad

No. 28, Jalan Amanputra 1/6

Taman Amanputra

47130 Puchong

Selangor, Malaysia

Tel: 6-012-2333871"

I then wrote to them saying that I did not want the watch replaced, but refunded. This letter was ignored. I wrote again, and again was ignored. A week later I wrote again and was told that they would replace the watch. No reference to or even acknowledgement that they had received my request for a refund.

The watch was useless, so, even though I realized that shipping the watch back would mean that they would have both the watch and the money, I returned it. A month later (September) I had heard nothing – I wrote, and was ignored. No response. A month later (October) I wrote specifically asking for a response. Twelve days later, I received this:


We are waiting for new stock to come. We will keep you update.


Note: your domain is blocking our email address.

-The last line, their excuse for me not receiving email from them; which obviously isn't true, because I received it in an email from them. But, just to be sure, I checked the spam folder at my email server, as well as the spam folder on my own computer – nothing.

At the end of November, I wrote one last time, requesting a refund and telling them to put me on a notification list such that when the watch comes in, I can purchase it then. It is now December 18, and I have received no response.

This company realizes that they are well hidden on the other side of the world from most of us, and they feel that they will suffer no consequences by just keep hundreds of dollars of customer's money and ignoring them.

Please keep in mind, if you are looking at their site, that the price they are showing will swell to almost A HUNDRED DOLLARS MORE by the time the money is taken from your account – this could be 25 – 50% percent more than you expected to pay. They have no problem shipping absolute junk, and they will ignore all requests for customer service. I am now out more than $500 from a purchase made almost six months ago, and have absolutely nothing. Don't let this happen to you. There are far better, more trustworthy sites out there, and I recommend you DELETE Rep2U and Luxury Replica from your list.

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Mckinney, Texas, United States #689211

this company ripped me off for $240.00 and never sent watch I western union money to Rosadi Ahmad same exact address and have received the same exact method of going silent and not sending watch ,He also charged me $29.00 shipping fee, I sent him a final email addressed to his name and once again silent please do not purchase a watch from this website you will so upset that you trusted this person, Do not let the web site *** you,


Thanks to let us know i was going to buy a watch after reading your problem ,make me think twice.

Thanks Butch


1. customer don't understand the meaning of gold plated

2. when we want to ship another, he refused and ask for refund

3. then refused for refund and asked for another item

4. he did't satisfy, then made a website report and he can removed the comment if we refund

5. when we want to refund and asked to remove the comment, he can't do it

6. he ignore our email

7. lately he emailed us again for refund and we can refund in CASH but he need to remove all website comments

8. until now, he not manage to do it


the ask for refund again:

It would be nice if we could end this transaction once and for all. I am willing to compromise and accept your offer of a refund minus shipping. When I receive that, I will include an addendum to the consumer fraud listings that you have acted honorably and refunded my money. Actually, I will create an addendum one way or the other, so the world will know what you decide to do at this point.

Unfortunately, the original account used to process the order is now closed. What information do you need to issue a refund via Western Union or Money Gram?

Thank you,



then cancel for refund and request for another item:


I have been writing to you since August on this Gmail address, (EIGHT e-mails) so please stop using that standard excuse for not receiving a reply. We're certainly not having any trouble communicating now, are we?

I have already spent $511USD on this item PLUS paid for the shipping back to you, which was another $20 USD, for a total of $531 USD. As you know, your "currency converter" steals another 10 percent from all your customers.

Look, I'm not trying to give you guys a hard time; and I have ordered watches from you in the past. However, after 5 months of being ignored, I need some results.

I would be willing to settle this for $500 USD, although I would have nothing for the $35 I have lost. Unfortunately, you have told me that you were going to do things that you have NOT done for nine months now, so there is no reason to believe you now. WHEN I get the refund from you, I will modify the report online, just as you required me to send the watch before you would send a replacement.

Alternatively, if you would rather ship watches instead of money, and you can get CLEAN, NEW, and WELL RUNNING watches, you can ship me (1) BRT-NT-11 ($422); AND (1) BR105-2 ($105) and I will also modify the report. That's still five dollars short of all the money I have spent, but if it would be cheaper for you to do it that way, its okay with me.

In either case, just let me know what you need from me to send money or watches and I will do my part AFTER I receive some results from you.

Thank you, Jon


an email from him:

Thank you for (finally) responding. As you can see, I have no problem receiving your emails when you send them, and nothing is being blocked or going to spam. And as I can see, you do actually get my emails, and you just ignore them. It's unfortunate that you chose to ignore me when I told you that I would post this report SIX WEEKS AGO, but that was your choice. I have given you every opportunity to cooperate.

I am not looking for a replacement watch, and I have said this over and over for the last eight months. I have asked for a REFUND at least SIX times, but you continue to ignore me and act like you don't understand. When, and if, the new watches come in, you can notify me and I will purchase another. I was trusting enough to send the watch back, now you need to send back the money as a REFUND. Do you understand? REFUND. Not replacement.

A total of $511 USD was taken from my bank account. Please mail a bank check to me at my shipping address (which you should have, because you keep talking about shipping me another watch) made out to "Jon Ganzer".

As I said to you six weeks ago, and as I said in my last letter, and I'm saying now - issue a REFUND for $511 USD and I will amend the report. If you had not ignored me six weeks ago, you wouldn't have to worry about the report being there.

Please issue the REFUND NOW.


" We are going to ship the replacement after Chinese New Year. "

It is now April 2011. I have repeatedly asked for a watch or a refund. Rep2U can talk all day about SPAM, but as soon as I wrote saying I would report them as consumer fraud, I received an email reply every time, so where's the spam?

The bottom line is this company STILL has my watch (which they asked me to return and never replaced) AND $511. I would call that theft. Don't let it happen to you.


" We are going to ship the replacement after Chinese New Year. "

It is now April 2011. I have repeatedly asked for a watch or a refund. Rep2U can talk all day about SPAM, but as soon as I wrote saying I would report them as consumer fraud, I received an email reply every time, so where's the spam?

The bottom line is this company STILL has my watch (which they asked me to return and never replaced) AND $511. I would call that theft. Don't let it happen to you.

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Replicas To You - Replica2you big scam ripped me off

Boca Raton, Florida 1 comment
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Too bad I didn,t read this page before.I too reached the number to order and spoke to a guy named jason.

Probably not his real name. I was ordering the cheaper rolex for $279 no box or papers. I should have ordered that one but went and ordered the so called swiss one for $525. with box and papers.

Jason said the papers would have my serial number would appear on the papers. I also asked if they would remove 2 links since I have a small wrist. He said he would and send them in the box. Until I placed my order I called them about 6 times and got him no problem Then once I placed the order he wanted COD no credit cards even though they said they would take one.

Speaking with him was ok and he appeared knowledgeable. When the watch came the Fed Ex guy also wouldn't let me open the package. The watch was there and in the Rolex box no papers and it was not made smaller. I tried to call but the number kept switching to another number and no one called me back.

The watch looked ok. My husband called on another phone # and got someone because they probably know the phone #'s of the people who called and ordered. When my husband started to complain the guy hung up. I wouldn't have felt so bad at the $279 price.

We had to pay $10 to have the links taken out. Watch doesn't look like the NY Chinatown ones on the streets at least it is working. So called lifetime guarantee as was stated can't take place without paperwork so I am screwed.

Eveeryone thinking of buying a watch from these people Don't do it.If I am going to be screwed at least I want to enjoy it.

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You are referring to other website but pointing to us. ORDER NUMBER please.

Replicas To You - Replicas2you tried to pull a bait and switch

Monterey, California 1 comment
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replicas2you, has just pulled a bait and switch on me.I can supply you with dates, order numbers, and names if necessary.

I ordered a Rolex Thunderbird model 002 and charged to AMEX. I received a telephone call the next day offering to send me the watch immediately C.O.D. I stated that I would wait the usual time and asked about the credit charge. The caller gave me some fast talk about them exceeding their "margins", whatever that is, and that they were unable to process any credit cards.

I then asked if I could open the shipment(COD) and inspect it prior to payment. They stated that depended on the fedex driver. There is something seriously wrong with this company.

The excuses are untrue, AMEX stated they did not understand what they were talking about.compant highly reccomended by fakereviews web site.their email address is not valid

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Nicholas Kinard AKA N. G. Kinard

722 SPID, Corpus Christi, TX 78416

I had a great watch delivered

Replicas To You - Complete Bastards Ripped Me Off &*() Replicas 2 U!

Atlanta, Georgia 1 comment
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I received a Swiss watch and actually, it was very nice and the watch that I ordered. It was supposed to come with a box and papers and didn't. I have been calling for over a month to get this box and still can't get a box with the appropriate papers. I got the same B.S. run-around as the other customers here and was just told to ship the watch back to Puerto Rico-here is the address they gave me: 16 barrio mazallis

Corocal, pr 00783

Yeah right, like I am going to ship them the watch back and wait for my $550 check in the mail! They can't even send a box let alone a check! Total scam. I think that they get off on *** their customers off and that's the scam- you get so pissed that you send the watch back, they keep your money and you are just screwed! Bet, they would be pissed if someone scammed them or their family member. Oh well, crook's ALWAYS get caught!

Don't buy from these guys! You WILL be scammed in some way! There are plenty of other replica websites out there to buy from that I am sure are honorable.



A VERY Pissed of Customer!

Review about: Swiss Watch.


Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #133886

i bought 2 so called italy watch pieces from them didnt get what i order tried calling them and nothing. they have many postive reviews on there website all bull sh__t they made them up. dont trust these fools.

Replicas To You - REPLICAS2YOU ***RIPOFF*** AVOID***

Houston, Texas 1 comment
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As with many others attempting to save a few dollars and buy a so-called decent watch, I was the victim of a scheme/scam from the usual suspects telling you they are selling 31 jewel Rolex replicas...These crooks will take every penny you have and send a POS Chinese watch.

I am sure they have scammed hundreds if not thousands of people... AVOID THESE LOW LIFE BASTARDS AT ALL COSTS. Lesson learned! 347-967-6882.

You need to realize these asswipes will stop at nothing to rip you off...

Save your money for a real one!It's your best bet.

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Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #133884

Paid 485 shipped for 2 pices so called italian. Well didnt get what i ordered and tried calling them several times and nothing.

Replicas To You - biggest scam-total rip off

New York, New York 12 comments
Not resolved is a complete scam!I wanted to buy 2 watches from them, and ordered online.

Someone from their offices (sounded like a cell phone)called me and said that because they were so busy during the holidays, they could only accept COD, while he had me on the phone he also wanted to upsell me to there premium version "swiss" watch for another $199. When the package arrived, fedex wouldnt let me inspect the contents first (company policy) i paid and when i opened the box there werent 2 watches as i ordered, there was only 1, AND it wasnt even the watch i ordered. Then the fun stuff started, i called to complain, and one of the guys said "wrong delivery? oops" and hung up.

I called back and he started to pretend he didnt speak english and hung up again, i called back a third time, and "this number cannot be reached from your calling area. Tried calling from another number, got through - mentioned my guessed it, the whole process started again.

I cancelled the check.These guys are TOTAL crooks, dont waste your time.

Review about: Rolex.



Thanks for the reviews. I was considering making a purchase from this company. Gues I'll just save my money.


I went through a similar scenario. Read all the review sites, talked with the guy for almost 10 minutes about the two watches I wanted. What I got were two junk watches that weren't even close to the ones I ordered. One had so many links missing I can't even fit it on my wrist. When I called, I either got hung up on or told to send it back to an address that searches back to the Holiday Inn in Manhattan.

I did a trace on the origination of the COD order (5906 winterhaven Drive / Newark, DE 19702), but in a satelitte's an empty field. They are NOT located in NY...I can assure you of that!! The origination of the COD is in Philadephia.

They must have figured out a way to block numbers now, because once you give them your phone number...they put it on a block list and it goes straight to voicemail. If I wasn't in San Diego, I'd go to that Post Office in DE and see where that address is forwarded to.

Total scammers!!!


Same thing over and over!!!They are *** and need to be shutdown permanently!!!!

Don't believe anything they say.Tom is a *** and dirt bag!


I paid $675 for a Replica watch, it arrived via FEDEX COD, that should be my first clue....paid via Postal Check, REQUIRED, and then opened an empty BOX...they have 100 web sites and control the review web site OBVIOUSLY...the company headquarters is a sham, DOJ, NYState and the PO and FEDEx are onto them and they should be packing up their little place on 135 Lafayette Ave in the China town District soon enough!


The fraud is simple, the require COD, sob you pay first and are handed an empty box in a fed ex box!!!!! Fraud scammer

But their days are numbered, fed ex and the us post office and the DA is on to them!!!!


Hello, my name is Jeff Sobrato and I have been going through the headache of what is called centralwatches.I completely trusted you site and did much research to see that centralwatches was the best site to purchase from.

There online phone service appears great and he answered all my questions and convinced me that their rolexes were the best. So I purchased a datejust jubilee. The watch was a disaster and a glaring fake. Ever since I have received it I have called the hotline multiple times and the guy said there must have been a problem and said he is sending me a new one.

I never received the new one. I called today and the guy just literally hangs up the phone when I am explaining my problem. The when I call back, straight to voicemail. They are obviously trying to avoid the problem.

Their 180 return policy is a complete scam when there is no way to coordinate that return. The rolex has the incorrect band with no hidden clasp. The weight is completely off. The gold is brownish.

The silver looks terrible. The markers are not centered. One of the markers is off and literally floating around inside the case. The entire watch is a disaster and there is no box and no paperwork which the company promised to include.

As far as I am concerned this website is a huge fraud and everything the site claims is a lie.I am baffled that it is so highly recommended.

Please get this message to potential customers,



I got 2 watches from them and while the quality isn't bad, the service sucks. I called them and like everyone else here, if I got through, it was always a different person on the line and they always hung up on me. So, for my $900, I at least did get 2 decent replicas but still feel cheated.

I would definitely put them in the scam category or if nothing else, *** bag a-holes.


I purchased a watch from Central Watches .COM

First I would like to point out that the rating companies are a scam on here... So if you are trusting them with their info you are in trouble.

I have filled a complaint with Fedx and the BBB and also have a dectective working on the case. You will not get what you pay for so stay away from Central Watches .com

Jack is the person I dealt with they just get shut down and get a new name I am working on trying to make sure that does not happen again. Once I get the investigation done on them I will come back and post the names and results to help others. I am also contacting a friend of mine that is a Tv producer to see if she is interested in doing a show about these kinds of rip off.. I am also talking to several local radio stations to have them talk about these companies and get prople that have been scammed to call in ...

Good Luck .. Please stay away from CENTRAL WATCHES . COM


The best solution is to buy the real stuff.These people exist because there is always *** people that buy from them otherwise they would be out of business.

It is the same thin than buying cloned movies or computer programs.

what can you expect...If you promote piracy you will get scammed


Anyone that buys from must be thick the site looks like its made by a 5 year old and the spelling is worse .

It is a junk site you deserve to loose you cash for being so *** .

Gullible to the max


Replicas2you SCAM im out $850.00 and nothing to show for it


i paid $585.00 cod on 12-29-09 for a empty box.same thing when i called them and called them.

hang up after hangup. then some guy louis said i pissed him off and it would coast him less to kill me than to send me a watch. WOW thats what i said. AND GET THIS replica2you AND RAVE REPLICAS,-BLING MALL,-AVAIN WATCH,-A FINE LUXORY TIME.


i know you want a watch just do your homework.hope this helps someone!

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Replicas To You -

Atlanta, Georgia 4 comments

Ditto-Ditto-Ditto!!!!!!I ordered a replica Rolex from Global Replica.

They call & tell you they are having computer problems & will ship COD. They ship whatever they have in stock...not what you order. It's cheap-looking, fake-looking & I could have done better buying from a dollar store. When you try to contact them, the phones have been disconnected & I don't think any of the workers there know how to use email.

If I knew what to do to put these crooks out of business I would. They operate under several different website names. Beware!!!!

If you order something, do not accept COD terms.It may be the same crooks just under another name other than Global Replica.

Review about: Fake Rolex.



really need to save up your money but I found out the owner of this website for you.

CalTech Marketing

Attn: Dave Wynn

1555 Rankin Lake Road

Gastonia, NC 28052



Same exact thing here.Paid online with a card then received the phone call.

I canceled me credit card right away, paid $311 COD and got the watch I ordered sort of. Its hard becuse they work under 4-5 different names. Instead of the Italian level Rolex, I got a cheap Asian knockoff. As for the *** who posted that one should save up for a real Rolex, I only ever wanted an imitation.

I would never spend $10,000 on a watch even if I could. But they still must send what they agreed to. I have the guy's cell # and he answers!

He claims his shipper First China Express is to blame and that he is sending out the correct one.We'll see, but the one I got works and you can only tell up really close that's it's not quite right.




No offense, but you get what you pay for.You did business with a company that sells "fake" watches.

You received a cheap version of an expensive watch.

If you cannot afford a real Rolex, either save up for one over time or purchase an enexpensive Seiko or Timex.Both watches will give you good quality at a low price.

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